My Stuff Around the Web

If you like my ramblings, here’s a quick guide to what you can find where:

Google+: My main hub.  This is generally the default where I’m going to post things.  General topics include writing, progress reports on various works-in-progress, articles and posts I find interesting, and things that amuse me.  Special emphasis on art featuring Disney princesses mashed up with other geeky fandoms, which I think tells you quite a bit about how my brain works.

Blog: Mostly this will be about writing.  Relevant posts from Google+ will be cross-posted here (and tagged as such).  I will also be posting longer ruminations on writing, storytelling, and literary analysis.  I may occasionally post off-topic stuff that requires more robust formatting than G+ can provide.

Goodreads: I try valiantly to write reviews of every book I read.  I might cross-post some of those to the blog, haven’t decided yet.  Largely this is a means of keeping track of what I’ve read and what I want to read.

Twitter: Well, it’s Twitter.  Some of these will be cross-posts from G+ that work in this medium.  Occasionally I will post things solely to Twitter, especially liveblogs and that sort.  I’m admittedly still grokking the Twitter thing.