This is where I’ll be posting various bits and bobs that aren’t currently being shopped around.  Once I have things that are published elsewhere, there will be further snippets and linkage.


Chaos Theory

This was my 2012 NaNoWriMo.   It’s an Alice in Wonderland pastiche that follows (at least, in this version) a grumpy grad student in mathematics as he stumbles into a new world.

Note: This is unfinished novel that is getting a complete overhaul to the point where I can’t use the current material any more.  Sadly, I’m quite fond of many of these snippets on their own, so as something of an experiment, I’m sharing my favorite parts for Saturday Scenes on Google+.  They’re all posted here as well, with some fantastic illustrations from Laura Toivola coming soon.

Excerpt 1:

There are two things, gentle reader, that you must understand about Derek McAllister at the outset of the tale, things he doesn’t quite understand about himself, though his life might be rather the easier if he did.

The first is that he is the particular favorite of a certain well-known clan of faeries who have watched over him since birth.  This is not as pleasant an arrangement as it may sound, for the notoriety of this brood derives from their opinion that a mortal life of suffering and misfortune is the highest source of entertainment.  (They are not, in actual fact, responsible for reality television, but they are curiously reluctant to correct that misapprehension, and would likely get on quite well with the actual creators.)

The second thing you must understand about Derek McAllister is that he’s kind of an asshole.

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I’m currently seeking representation for my upper YA contemporary fantasy.  Wanna read the blurb and first chapter?

Lacey Warren crafted her entire high school career with only one goal in mind: studying chemistry at a prestigious college, preferably one as far from home as possible.  The only thing that still stands in her way is time. Two more months of an overbearing mother, obnoxious younger brothers, and a mostly off-again boyfriend before she’s free.

That squad of trolls tearing up the house?  Yeah, they have other ideas.

Getting thrown into an honest-to-god dungeon with the boys isn’t even the weirdest part of it.  Not only is she starting to discover some rather unusual talents, but Lacey’s now having visions that suggest her bitterly divorced parents are using actual magic to—most impossibly of all—work together to find their children.  But this is all totally insane, right?  To her dismay, it looks like she and her brothers are somehow pawns in a game that threatens to unravel all of reality.

Chess has never been Lacey’s speed, though.  She’s more of a first-person shooter kind of girl.  Embracing her heritage would blow apart her carefully ordered, rational world, but it may be the only way to get her family home alive.

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Run Again?

A wee little bit of fanfic.  Because Temple Run is a slightly fucked-up game when you think about it.

Eternal life, that’s what they said. 

Somewhere, deep in an ancient temple forgotten by time and lost to civilization, there rests a small golden idol.  What it looks like, no one can say, but the man who possesses it lives forever. 

Come on.  Guy Dangerous isn’t about to pass on something like that. 

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This was my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel.  Two fantastic characters in search of a plot.  Wanna meet them?

Well, maybe this wasn’t the best plan after all.

I mean, it wasn’t really much of a plan. I was just coming in to talk, that’s all. Polite and civil-like. I even put on makeup, for chrissakes. I could practically be visiting the Queen. But I suppose that’s what I get for having a reputation for being dangerous: people react to me like I’m a goddamn bear or something, instead of a rational human being with impulse control and all that shit.

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