Cleanup in Progress

Administrative note: I’m doing some slight retooling to create a section for fiction, which will include the Saturday Scenes excerpts as well as a few other things for which I’m not currently seeking markets.  So the blog posts for that stuff may get edited, or may even disappear, depending on how I end up deciding to do it.

Thanks for your patience.  The whole site is still pretty new, but I’m hoping to get it all settled soon.

Into the Fray

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To start yourself a blog.”
“But I have nothing new to say,
Nor publishings to flog!
Why should I add my ramb’lings to
The great Internet fog?”

“Because, you dolt,” he did reply,
“You need an author’s space.
The industry will seek you here;
Such trends you should embrace.
And G+ lacks HTML,
So shut your stupid face.”

Fuckin’ Walrus, man.

The non-poetic version of this:

I’ve long resisted the prevailing wisdom that authors must blog.  As a reader, I follow blogs because they have quality content that interests me, not just because they’re there.  I didn’t feel the need to add another obligatory blog.  (Oblogatory? No, I’m sorry, that was terrible even by my standards.)  I did actually fire up Blogger as a space to plop fiction I didn’t intend to shop and longer pieces that weren’t appropriate for Google+, but I quickly realized that I didn’t actually have any of that stuff, so it died of neglect.

However, I’m about to embark on the magical process that is querying my novel, so creating a professional home base is important.  I need a space that I own, as well as a place where I can post more complex formatting than the few text tweaks that G+ permits.

I will do my best to be interesting and not let this become an oblogatory.  (Maybe I wasn’t that sorry.)  I’m a voracious consumer of culture and TV Tropes addict, so I anticipate most of my posts being about examining books, movies, and such from the perspective of a writer.  It might drift in a different direction as such things do, but that’s the goal to start.  I can’t promise any sort of regular schedule, so I recommend subscribing to email or RSS if you really want to see everything.

So, welcome!  Make yourself comfortable.  No shoes on the couch, please, it confuses the cat.