Blog Disclaimers

This is primarily a writing blog, although I can’t promise that it will stay 100% on topic because I sometimes get the attention span of a coked-up gnat.  Aside from my own stuff, I figure I’ll mainly be discussing other stories and the lessons we can take from them as writers.  Because I have to use this English degree for something, that’s why.

Updates will happen whenever I have something to say.  Aiming for at least weekly, but again, coked-up gnat.  No promises.

Since this thing is relatively new, layout and organization will be changing frequently until I get things sorted and settled.

I curse.  Sometimes a lot.  I’ve yet to attain Chuck Wendig-esque levels of grandiose vulgarity, but everyone should have goals.

I’m a huge proponent of TV Tropes.  It really helps you to analyze and understand stories, and, more importantly, gives you a useful vocabulary for doing so.  However, TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.  Fair warning.

All Amazon links are affiliate links.  I don’t know why some people feel like this has to be disclosed, but there you go.

Copyrighted material is used for review and commentary purposes under Fair Use.  If I slip up, please let me know and I’ll happily take down or correct attribution.

Opinions are my own and do not represent yada yada yada.

Regarding spoilers

This is literary criticism in the academic sense, which means we’re assuming that everyone has read (or watched, or what have you) the work in question, otherwise the discussion won’t make much sense.  That means that if you see a title in a Case Studies post, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  For my part, I will try to ensure that all such titles get mentioned up front.  Anyone who chooses to proceed past that point and then tries to whine about spoilers will be mocked.