About The Reading List

Annotated blogroll!  The main page tells you what I follow; here’s why I follow it.

 Writing Stuff

Agent Savant – Agent blog.  I follow a lot of these, partly because I’m a querying writer and it’s extraordinarily useful to acquaint myself with the industry, and partly because they’re just entertaining.

BookEnds, LLC – Agent blog.  No longer updated, but archives of awesome

Confessions of a Wandering Heart – Agent blog

Janet Reid, Literary Agent – Agent blog

Miss Snark – Agent blog.  No longer updated, but archives of awesome.

Pub Rants – Agent blog

Query Shark – Writers can submit their queries for critique, and show the results for the world to see.  REQUIRED READING for anyone who’s trying to write a query or a blurb.  Seriously, read the archives.  All of them.  Right now.

Rachelle Gardner – Agent blog

The Review Hart – Review site for indie books.  There are two reviewers: Shen, who is nice and tries to identify the audience for even books she hates, and Michael, who entertainingly rips things to pieces.

Sarah Negovitch – Agent blog.  Also lots of discussion of marketing.

SlushPile Hell – Anonymous agent Tumblr.  All snark, baby.

Terrible Minds – Chuck Wendig’s blog.  Writing advice, author interviews, drunken recipes, and loads of swearing

TV Tropes – Essential wiki that analyzes various tropes, themes, and elements of all kinds of media.  Extraordinarily useful for a writer to get an idea of not only what works, but why.  Just be warned: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.

Writer’s Digest – Duh

WTF Bad Fantasy Covers – Tumblr for bad covers

WTF Bad Romance Covers – Tumblr for bad covers

Not Writing Stuff

Amy Mebberson – Artist Tumblr.  Come for the Pocket Princesses, stay for the Disney mashups

Cinema Sins – YouTube channel.  Main content is pointing out the problems with movies, but they also do fun extras like “What’s the Damage?” where they total up the cost of the on-screen destruction

The Comics Curmudgeon – Discussion of newspaper comics.  Source of many running jokes.  I have a Finger-Quotin’ Margo magnet on my fridge.

Darths and Droids – Screencap comic depicting the Star Wars films as a running D&D-esque campaign

Dear Prudence – Slate advice column.  Deliciously snarky.

Disney Gents from Last Night – Tumblr that puts Texts from Last Night onto Disney screencaps.  Hilarity ensues.

Disney Ladies from Last Night – As above, but featuring female characters instead of male

DM of the Rings – Screencap comic depicting The Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign.  Inspiration for Darths & Droids, above.  No longer updated, but archives of awesome.

Heal Yourself, Skeletor – Tumblr. Affirmations placed on images of Skeletor.  Surprisingly hilarious.

Least I Could Do – Webcomic about a manchild lothario and his friends.  Clever magical realism.  Somewhat NSFW.

Narbonic – Webcomic about working in an office that also happens to be a mad scientist lab.  No longer updated, but archives of awesome.

The Order of the Stick – Webcomic about a quest in a universe that operates on D&D rules.  (D&D is rather rich fodder for webcomics, it seems.)  Great example of a strip that went from silly gag-a-day to serious and story-driven.

Questionable Content – Webcomic about a coffee shop and the people who work there. With the occasional robot, cyborg, or superhero.

Scandinavia and the World – Webcomic that depicts nations as individuals, and uses this to illustrate rather interesting points about current events, history, and international relations.

Skin Horse – Sequel comic to Narbonic above.  Black ops social services.  There’s a sentient beehive with impeccable manners, a steampunk robot that’s barely still running, and a cheerful bisexual zombie.  What’s not to love?

Two Lumps – Webcomic about two cats.  Really nails the feline personalities.  Also haiku.

XKCD – Quintessential nerdy webcomic.  Even if you don’t read webcomics, chances are pretty good you’ve come across this one more than once.

Zero Punctuation – Video game reviews.  Cheerfully vulgar and clever.  Entertaining even if you haven’t played the game in question.