About the Author

Author photoPretty much as soon as I figured out how to form letters, everyone around me knew that I was going to be a writer.  But like a cheesy romantic comedy, it took a while for me to catch on, realize that writing and I were destined for each other, and live happily ever after.

While writing is indeed my one true love, I’ll admit to a wide variety of brief but passionate affairs.  Baking, photography, painting, paper sculpture, Duck tape crafts, theatre…  If it involves creating something, I’ll probably try that shit eventually.

Oh yeah, I tend to swear kind of a lot.  Fair warning and all.

My current meatspace home is Kansas City, and it’s a much cooler town than one might think.  My current online home is Google+, which apparently makes me some sort of ghost.  Then again, there are other places around the web where you can find me, so it seems I have a bit of an existential crisis on my hands.  Umm…

::waves spectral arms at you and moans::

::runs away giggling::

::gets shoved back on stage, is handed a note::

What the fresh hell?  Unprofessional?  Third person?

::is handed another note::

Hmph.  I don’t think you can even do that with a paintbrush.  Fine, fine.

Brittany Constable was once paid to tell bad jokes at Disneyland.  Now she tells bad jokes for free on Google+ and Twitter, and she can’t decide if this constitutes a step up or down in the world.  In between waiting for computers to break, she pursues any number of interests, most of them related to storytelling and every single one of them geeky as hell.  She’s currently seeking representation for her first novel.