Today, the people participating in the A-Z Challenge are sharing with the world their theme for the month.  So, here’s mine…


Literary analysis of books, movies, and other media with an eye toward advice for writers!


Eagle-eyed regular readers will recognize that this is otherwise known as the theme for every other month on this blog, and you would be correct.  However, regular readers will also know that my usual posting schedule is “Mondays when I can be arsed,” so daily posts are going to make life a little interesting.

So howdy, new people!  You may want to check out the Blog Disclaimers page, which tells a little about what I do hereabouts.  Posts will be long, occasionally sweary, and spoilery as balls.  Or you can wander through some of my older posts, where I’ve discussed topics like Captain America, ultra-violent fairy tales, and why I hate the phrase “strong female characters.”  And if you like what you see, be sure to hit up the subscription options on the sidebar so you can get notified when the schedule goes back to normal.

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