For the last few weeks of #saturdayscenes, I’ve been sharing bits from the first draft of Chaos Theory (my version of Alice in Wonderland) as I mull over what to do with it. 

Recently, I decided that one of the things it needs is to eliminate the current protagonist, because it’s just not working out.  It’s not you, darling, it’s… No it’s basically you.  While most of the other characters and a lot of the ideas are still sound, this means that the actual draft I’ve got so far is now pretty much unusable for a cohesive novel.

But it’s perfect for sharing delightful little snippets!  To that end, I’ll be posting all of the good bits (and there are some really good bits) of the current incarnation, right up through where the draft ran out.  This means I have to go back and add a couple to the current progression, starting today.  They’ll go up weekly over on my Google+ profile.  I’m discontinuing the blog updates for Saturday Scenes in favor of adding them to the shiny new Fiction section of the site after they’re posted to G+.

Also, I am thrilled to announce what is becoming a rather large project will feature illustrations from the fantabulous Laura Toivola!  You guys, I absolutely cannot wait to show these to you.  They’re seriously amazing.

Just wanted to get all of this administrative stuff out of the way.  Actual snippety goodness can be found here.

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