“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To start yourself a blog.”
“But I have nothing new to say,
Nor publishings to flog!
Why should I add my ramb’lings to
The great Internet fog?”

“Because, you dolt,” he did reply,
“You need an author’s space.
The industry will seek you here;
Such trends you should embrace.
And G+ lacks HTML,
So shut your stupid face.”

Fuckin’ Walrus, man.

The non-poetic version of this:

I’ve long resisted the prevailing wisdom that authors must blog.  As a reader, I follow blogs because they have quality content that interests me, not just because they’re there.  I didn’t feel the need to add another obligatory blog.  (Oblogatory? No, I’m sorry, that was terrible even by my standards.)  I did actually fire up Blogger as a space to plop fiction I didn’t intend to shop and longer pieces that weren’t appropriate for Google+, but I quickly realized that I didn’t actually have any of that stuff, so it died of neglect.

However, I’m about to embark on the magical process that is querying my novel, so creating a professional home base is important.  I need a space that I own, as well as a place where I can post more complex formatting than the few text tweaks that G+ permits.

I will do my best to be interesting and not let this become an oblogatory.  (Maybe I wasn’t that sorry.)  I’m a voracious consumer of culture and TV Tropes addict, so I anticipate most of my posts being about examining books, movies, and such from the perspective of a writer.  It might drift in a different direction as such things do, but that’s the goal to start.  I can’t promise any sort of regular schedule, so I recommend subscribing to email or RSS if you really want to see everything.

So, welcome!  Make yourself comfortable.  No shoes on the couch, please, it confuses the cat.

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